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CUE THE PRECOGS! ‘Minority Report’ — and anti-Christian Bigotry — Arrives in Indiana

The 2002 Steven Spielberg film Minority Report showed us a highly-advanced but worrisome future. Set in Washington, D.C., in the year 2054, the film portrayed a world of low crime, thanks largely to a controversial “PreCrime” police division. Relying on the visions of psychics known as “precogs”, the police would arrest people for murders they had yet to commit. While the film received critical acclaim, it was believed by many that the concept of PreCrime was little more than the product of a science fiction writer’s fertile imagination.

It brings me great dismay to report that PreCrime has arrived in reality almost four decades ahead of schedule in the year 2015. It is administered not by psychics, but rather by a rapacious, politically correct leftist movement and their collaborators in the establishment media.

What took place in Walkerton, Ind., last week should cause great concern to anyone who values liberty and a free society. With the media ginning up controversy over Indiana’s new religious freedom law, news crews scoured the state looking for examples of those who would discriminate against gay people. They found exactly what they were looking for in the tiny burg of Walkerton. In a business called Memories Pizza, a humble, sincere woman kindly explained that her religious beliefs would prevent her from catering a gay wedding if asked. In a matter of hours the proprietors’ lives were turned upside down with a torrent of hateful messages and threats.

Let’s step back and examine this story for a moment. Did a gay couple ask Memories Pizza to cater their wedding? No. Is it plausible that any couple would ask a tiny pizza establishment to cater their wedding? No. But the idea that someone expressed an idea contrary to the groupthink on the left was enough to unleash their hate machine and seek to utterly destroy people’s lives. So Memories Pizza was targeted for destruction for their PreCrime of responding to a hypothetical situation before any discrimination actually took place. With the precedent set, any citizen, let alone a business owner, would be a fool to comment publicly about any remotely controversial issue ever again. Welcome to the Golden Age of Free Speech, courtesy of Obama, Sharpton, Holder & Co.

In addition to pushing the gay marriage agenda, is there any doubt that this movement is little more than a thinly-veiled assault on Christians in America? The left has been mocking devout Christians through their media and entertainment assets for decades, but the last few years have seen it metastasize into something far more hateful and violent. Where people once simply refused to patronize a business on ideological grounds, today’s victim class seeks to literally burn the business down. This is coupled with a bizarre reflex to defend or ignore far more graphic displays of homophobia by Muslims on a regular basis.

Using the left’s template of the gay couple at the wedding cake shop, Steven Crowder went to the Muslim enclave of Dearborn, Mich., and produced video of Muslim bakeries turning away what they thought was a gay man looking for a wedding cake. The outrage from the pro-gay marriage armies was nonexistent on that one. News coverage of it could be found only in conservative media. So the issue isn’t really about anyone who has problems with gay marriage, but only those who identify as Christians. This is what a cynical, hateful political agenda looks like in 2015.

The irony in the story is that those who would commit arson and make death threats on nonviolent people as punishment for their personal beliefs do so as the self-styled guardians of “tolerance.” By the left’s reckoning, tolerance is a one-way street. Accept the liberal tolerance agenda whole hog or you will witness the most vulgar demonstration of intolerance possible.

The story’s silver lining is the fact that an online funding effort to support Memories Pizza resulted in more than $750,000 in assistance. From that we can glean that the citizenry is not nearly as uniform against the Indiana law and religious objection to gay marriage as the political-media complex would have us believe.

Still, the PreCrime police are watching. Speak hypothetically at your own peril.

George Hewes

"George Hewes" is the nom de plume of a freedom-loving American who believes the runaway growth of government is trampling on our individual liberties. He advocates a return to constitutional principles as a cure for what ails America as well as a vigorous response to the relentless forces of progressivism and Big Government. Image: