DEAR OBAMA: Why Is It So ‘Critical’ To Have Women in Army Ranger School NOW?

Published on April 7, 2015

Obama seems to be deliberately weakening our military at a very critical time. Here is Allen West’s take on it:

It’s 2015 and according to the decree from the lords of social egalitarianism, we now have female soldiers allowed to attend U.S. Army Ranger School — next year the lords have declared the same for U.S. Navy SEAL training.

And so 60 females were allowed to enter Ranger Training Assessment Course (RTAC) beginning in January this year. According to, “A dozen women have now qualified for the Army’s Ranger School, putting them one step closer to becoming the first females to complete one of the military’s most elite special operations training programs alongside men. Six servicewomen successfully passed the latest round of the Ranger Training Assessment Course, or RTAC, qualifying them for the first gender-integrated full Ranger Course beginning on April 20, the Army announced on Wednesday. The two-month combat training course is considered to be one of the toughest in the military.”

“The Army’s gender-integrated RTACs and Ranger Course are part of an ongoing, military-wide assessment of the remaining barriers to full gender-integration in the military, ordered by former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

So what do I think? I think that if we were in a time of peace, we could embark on this type of experimentation. However, at a time when we have such a volatile global security situation, the time is not now. If we weren’t decimating our military capability and capacity, then this would be a bit more palatable. What I don’t want to see is another political photo op by the Commander-in-Chief Obama a la the Bergdahl fiasco that in the long run ends up being an embarrassing moment for our country.

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