DUDE STUFF: New Book On Vikings Killing Bigfoot Is Definitely Not 50 Shades of Grey

Written by Gayne C. Young on April 1, 2015

The new book “Vikings: The Bigfoot Saga” by Gayne C. Young is guaranteed to be what every dude needs for their library. Here is a review on this new kick ass book by J. Hunter Whirley:

By J. Hunter Whirley, CPT (R)

Hey, all of you who can read, buy Gayne C. Young’s new book Vikings: The Bigfoot Saga. It has everything, graphic violence, blood, guts, more blood, rough viking love, cryptic folklore, dismemberment, disemboweling, swords, shields, plot twists, and even a bigfoot or two.

Based off of the Vikings’ early conquest of the Americas, ill-fated berserkers meddle with an ancient evil that has terrified the locals since the dawn of time. The conquerors of the new land must fight for their very existence when the enraged giants emerge from the darkness, bent on destroying those who dare to encroach on their territory.

The will of history’s most barbaric invaders is pitted against the storied might of mythical giants, and only the strongest will survive. No quarter is given. Surrender is not an option.

Young’s storytelling resurrects the old-time storytelling of western writers, blends it with a twist of urban legend and adds a pinch of the surreal.

This is not a tale for the weak. It is a grisly reminder that man, when bent on conquest, must pay to ascend nature’s primal order, and blood is the only payments accepted. So sit down, grab a stiff drink and enjoy. Vikings: The Bigfoot Saga is worth the read.



Vikings: The Bigfoot Saga

Based on actual events.

Following a devastating attack by a tribe of monstrous giants that leaves twenty dead, Agnar Vray and his band of berserker warriors wage battle against the, “Beasts that walk like man.”  Here, in the primordial forests of North America, blood will be spilled, bone will be broken, and death in battle is the greatest glory man can achieve.

This is the thousand-year-old story of the fall of one of the New World’s first colonies.

About the Author

Gayne C. Young is the best selling author of Teddy Roosevelt: Sasquatch Hunter, And Monkeys Threw Crap At Me: Adventures In Hunting, Fishing, And Writing, the Editor of Game Trails Online, the official online magazine of the Dallas Safari Club, and a columnist for and feature contributor to Outdoor Life and Sporting Classics magazines.

His work has appeared in magazines such as Shooting Sportsman, Petersen’s Hunting, Texas Sporting Journal, Sports Afield, Gray’s Sporting Journal, Under Wild Skies, Hunter’s Horn, Spearfishing, and many others. His screenplay, Eaters Of Men was optioned in 2010 by the Academy Award winning production company of Kopelson Entertainment.

In January 2011, Gayne C. Young became the first American outdoor writer to interview Russian Prime Minister, and former Russian President, Vladimir Putin.