FRAT RATS: Who Spit on Vets & Pissed on the American Flag Just Got Some Bad News [VIDEO]

Published on April 27, 2015

These students who spit on a veteran’s service dog, urinated on an American flag, and harassed veterans are getting some bad news that’s good news for anyone wanting justice after this incident.

Already on a one-year probation for hazing, the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity at the University of Florida has been suspended following reports that its members yelled at and spit on wounded military veterans vacationing in Panama City Beach last weekend.

The fraternity has been charged with several offenses as a part of the university’s formal investigation into “allegations of disturbing behavior toward veterans,” officials said in a news release issued Friday afternoon.

The university has charged the fraternity with “causing physical or other harm, obscene behavior, public intoxication, theft and property damage.” ZBT is suspended from all activities pending the outcome of a complete investigation.

“I am personally offended and disappointed by the behavior that has been described to me,” said David Kratzer, a retired U.S. Army general and UF vice president of student affairs. “This is not representative of our students or of the university.”

Since the incident in Panama City Beach was reported, three students have been expelled from the fraternity, with a promise that more disciplinary action will be taken if the fraternity finds out others were responsible.

Because the fraternity is already on probation, it faces stiffer penalties if found to be in violation, including expulsion.

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