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GEORGE BUSH SLAMS BHO: He’s Naive & Losing War With Islamic State

George Bush calls out Obama on how he is handling ISIS – or not handling them.

He rarely ever publicly criticizes his successor, Barack Obama.

But on Saturday night, George W. Bush apparently lashed out at the President’s foreign policy.

Speaking at a closed-door meeting with Jewish donors in Las Vegas, the 68-year-old former leader suggested that Obama’s plan to lift sanctions on Iran was not plausible – and comes too early.

He noted that the country’s government and President Hassan Rouhani appear to be caving in – and implied that America could lose leverage if it relaxes sanctions on Tehran anytime soon.

And he said that the comprehensive nuclear deal – which is currently being negotiated by six global powers, including the US – would likely have a negative impact on US national security in the future.

‘You think the Middle East is chaotic now? Imagine what it looks like for our grandchildren. That’s how Americans should view the deal,’ Bush told donors at the Republican Jewish Coalition session.

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