‘HANNITY’ GUEST STORMS OFF SET: Watch Him Freak Out Over The Killer Cop

Published on April 10, 2015


 Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson took a stance so opposite to that of Sean Hannity and his other guest, Leo Terrell, that Terrell stormed off the set saying, ‘You are an embarrassment to the world’.

Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson took a very contrarian position on Sean Hannity’s Fox show Thursday night. So contrarian that one guest couldn’t stand it and walked off set.

Peterson argued that he was trying to give officer Michael Slager the ”benefit of the doubt” regarding him firing eight shots at Walter Scott’s back during a traffic stop, killing him. According to Peterson, all the details and facts aren’t know and we need to let the justice system play out.

But Hannity and fellow guest Leo Terrell, a civil rights attorney, were more stern, saying the video evidence is clear and that Slager is giving a bad name to all the good officers out there.

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