TAKE THIS HIJAB AND SHOVE IT: School Tries to Get Girls to Wear Hijabs – It Massively Backfires

Published on April 18, 2015

I wonder what would happen if they wanted every student to wear a cross around their neck for one day?

Another effort at a taxpayer-funded American high school to persuade female students — but only female students — to wear Muslim headscarves has failed disastrously.

The scene of the hijab hurly burly this time is Mason High School in a pleasant, family-friendly suburb of Cincinnati.

A now-cancelled event called “A Covered Girl Challenge” had been scheduled for Thursday, April 23, reports The Cincinnati Enquirer.

The intent of the Covered Girl Challenge was to celebrate diversity and “promote open mindedness,” explained a letter the school sent to parents.

“[T]he Muslim Student Association is inviting all female students to participate in ‘A Covered Girl Challenge’ which will allow students to wear a headscarf for the whole school day,” the letter explained, according EAGnews.org.

Female students who wanted to participate were supposed to have their parents fill out a permission slip and return it to the high school office or “Mrs. Jenkin’s room in Z223.”

Mrs. Jenkins appears to be Caryn Jenkins, a social studies teacher at Mason High.

Local backlash against a public-school event endorsing Muslim religious tradition was swift and strong.

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