TAKE THIS HIJAB AND SHOVE IT: School Tries to Get Girls to Wear Hijabs – It Massively Backfires

I wonder what would happen if they wanted every student to wear a cross around their neck for one day?

Another effort at a taxpayer-funded American high school to persuade female students — but only female students — to wear Muslim headscarves has failed disastrously.

The scene of the hijab hurly burly this time is Mason High School in a pleasant, family-friendly suburb of Cincinnati.

A now-cancelled event called “A Covered Girl Challenge” had been scheduled for Thursday, April 23, reports The Cincinnati Enquirer.

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The intent of the Covered Girl Challenge was to celebrate diversity and “promote open mindedness,” explained a letter the school sent to parents.

“[T]he Muslim Student Association is inviting all female students to participate in ‘A Covered Girl Challenge’ which will allow students to wear a headscarf for the whole school day,” the letter explained, according EAGnews.org.

Female students who wanted to participate were supposed to have their parents fill out a permission slip and return it to the high school office or “Mrs. Jenkin’s room in Z223.”

Mrs. Jenkins appears to be Caryn Jenkins, a social studies teacher at Mason High.

Local backlash against a public-school event endorsing Muslim religious tradition was swift and strong.

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