HILARIOUS: Dad Gives His Sons an ‘Old Man’ Haircut for Bad Grades and Being a Thug

This dad ain’t playin’ with his boys. This is great and more parents of every race, color and creed should do this to their kids. Enjoy.

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by Doug Giles

If metrosexual pop culture, feminized public schools and the effeminate branches of evanjellycalism lay their sissy hands on your son, you can kiss his masculinity good-bye-because they will morph him into a dandy.

To counter the organized hatred of men and masculinity that your son is facing, it’s important that you, the parent, completely blow off all the smack our PC-addled culture is trying to sell you. You’ll need two things to do this: attitude and inspiration.

I provide the attitude and I look to the Bible for inspiration in order to help you raise your son to be a classic man and not postmodern malleable metrosexual.

Like Clash? Like Clash.


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