HILLARY GOES TO CHIPOTLE: Clinton Plays Hipster, Goes To Chipotle, And Then This Went Down

Published on April 14, 2015

The undercover candidate, Hillary, finally spotted on her ‘Scooby-Doo van’ road-trip – making a pit-stop in an Ohio Chipotle… where sadly nobody recognized her.

Just one day into her presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton is loading up on carbs for the long fight ahead.

Security footage in a Chipotle restaurant in Maumee, a suburb of Toledo, caught Clinton and her top aide Huma Abedin ordering lunch on Monday, according to a tweet from an ABC News reporter.

‘According to the manager of the Chipotle, @HillaryClinton ordered a chicken bowl w/ guac, a chicken salad & a fruit juice,’ Liz Kreutz wrote.

The manager, Charles Wright, told Daily Mail Online that ‘it’s true nobody recognized her.’

‘When the reporters started to call, I went back to the security footage, and there she was,’ he said. ‘The sunglasses probably made her harder to spot.’

‘But it’s not like there was anything special going on. She just stood in line like everyone else. I hope she stopped at Chipotle locations all the way from New York to wherever she’s headed.’

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 9.46.35 AM

‘She got great food,’ Wright told ABC. ‘Everybody loves Chipotle.’

She also received good free publicity out of proportion with a lunch trip.

Had locals spotted the former secretary of state, a mid-size Twitter storm might have erupted. But after vanishing for 24 hours, Clinton’s sudden reappearance – and the public’s failure to understand who was in their midst – drove a much larger story.

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