‘I KILL CRACKERS!’: Psycho Chick Attacks Customer With a Knife, Shouting Racial Slurs

Published on April 23, 2015


Will this lady be charged with a hate crime?

CHARLACK (KMOV.com) –A man said a woman with a knife attacked him and yelled racial slurs at a convenience store in Charlack.

Twanna Brown is facing armed criminal action charges. Police said Brown yelled racial slurs and death threats at a man at a 711 on St. Charles Rock Road.

“The customer behind her got too close in her words and she whipped out a knife and attempted to stab the guy. She told him she ‘kills crackers all the time,” said Charlack Police Chief Steve Runge.

The victim, who did not want to share his name, said Brown’s actions were unprovoked as he stood behind her in line.

“Her finger came within an inch of my face the first time. Then she went to go reach again and the clerk behind the counter was trying to tell me she had a knife,” the victim said.