KIM KARDASHIAN TICKS OFF BISHOP: After She Blocks Off Entrance from Worshipers at Armenian Church

Published on April 11, 2015

Kim Kardashian and her posse tick off more than just the general public – they tick off church Bishops too.

She may have received a royal welcome, but Kim Kardashian has learnt that things operate a little differently in Armenia.

The reality star inadvertently infuriated a local bishop when she and her entourage visited the Cathedral of the Holy Mother of God while exploring the city of Gyumri on Saturday.

The reality star’s bodyguards had tried to close the doors to keep journalists and onlookers away.

But the local bishop, Mikayel Adjapagian, sharply objected to obstructing worshippers from the church.

The bodyguards relented and the doors stayed open.

Kim was certainly learning a lot on her day sight-seeing in Armenia’s second largest city.

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