KISS MY HETEROSEXUAL PEPPERONI: Memories Pizza, Survives Radical Gay Threats, Re-opens Today

Published on April 8, 2015

Memories Pizza has survived, and thrived, no matter how hard the gaystapo raged.

A pizza shop owner in Indiana, who became the center of controversy in recent days, is going back to work today.

Memories Pizza in Walkerton closed down temporarily, and its owners went into hiding, after homosexual activists targeted owner Kevin O’Conner and his daughter, Crystal.

What crime did they commit? Crystal answered a question – truthfully – from a TV news reporter (see video below), telling her that Memories would serve homosexuals but would never cater a same-sex wedding.

“Because of what we believe,” Crystal told The Daily Mail, “we cannot condone a wedding. But anyone is welcome into this shop, and we will serve anyone, but we will not participate any way in a gay wedding. ”

It was just a hypothetical question – and who has pizza catered at a wedding reception?

But the firestorm began, and the family shut down and hid from the public amid threats.

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