LEFTIST NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT: Policy Solutions for Defeating the Autotheists

Written by Paul Hair on April 5, 2015

President Obama and the cult of autotheism have established they are enemies of good now that they have firmly aligned with Islamic enemies even as they have declared war on American Christians, and those who aren’t satisfied with surrendering to them now need to focus on defeating these theocrats instead of arguing with them. Here are policy solutions for private citizens and public officials to fight the national security threat that they’ve become.

Democratic governors and mayors, autotheistic business leaders, entertainers, and even the White House have condemned Indiana for initially attempting to protect religious freedom. Governors banned official travel to Indiana. Corporations vowed to withdraw business from it. And autotheists otherwise lashed out at it, in multiple cases comparing Christians to Islamic extremists even as Muslims continue slaughtering Christians across the globe. These are the actions people take against hostile nations and other enemies.

At the same time, autotheists cheer the announcement of Obama surrendering to Iran on nuclear issues, praising him for talking with and finding common ground with the murderous regime. And thus debate ends. Autotheists are evil and forever more an enemy.

So here are a few policy solutions for how to fight them. Some are solutions that anyone can enact while others are government policy solutions.

Talk about God when discussing public policy.

Autotheists have imposed their religion on the U.S.—we are an autotheistic theocracy now—and they are unapologetic about it. Make the public recognize this and then return God to the debate, forcing the public to recognize the role He played in founding the U.S. Show how He must be a part of the nation again even as the autotheocracy must be overthrown.

Reject accepted narratives and force people to deal with reality.

For instance, no one needs to defend what Christians might do with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act because (1) a business should be able to refuse service to anyone for any reason, (2) autotheists have already fired people for their beliefs (Brendan Eich and Kelvin Cochran, for example) and refused service to people because of their beliefs, and (3) sodomy is deviant and society should encourage discrimination against it.

In short, no one needs to ask or answer questions on potential Christian discrimination. Instead, demand to know why Christians and the right haven’t engaged in mass firings and discriminations of sodomites and other autotheists since they have already done both to those who oppose their beliefs.

Fight autotheists with hysteria and hostility; civility and reason do not work.

This is self-evident by now. Autotheists have successfully employed hysteria, hostility, and lies to change society. Civility and reason (and truth) no longer work. And appeasement never has worked. We are in a fight for our civilization so let’s act like it.

Publicize victories and use them to discourage autotheists.

Autotheists won major victories by defeating RFRA in Indiana and then Arkansas. They also secured a small victory over the Indiana pizzeria. However, the right has scored a major victory of its own by raising (as of the time of this writing) over a half million dollars for the pizzeria owners whom autotheists attacked. Publicize victories and use them to beat back autotheists, making it seem as if they will inevitably lose. This is what autotheists have done to Christians and the right for decades.

Use the government to crush autotheists.

The right complains about autotheists using government to attack and destroy it. But the complaints have done nothing and autotheists continue attacking conservative non-profit organizations, firearms owners, Christians, and others with the full weight of the government. So turn this weapon on them. Target the finances of their organizations. Deny non-profit status to their organizations.

Conservatives typically reject this suggestion, saying such action will destroy the nation. Nonsense. The nation is already in shambles.

Furthermore, left and right like to remind everyone that America has changed, specifically when moral issues arise. And I actually agree with them on this point. But with that in mind, the right needs to act like America has changed by attacking autotheists with government whenever they have the power to do so.

This might be sad and distasteful, but the U.S. has become a sad and distasteful place. Besides, if the right successfully crushes the autotheists with the government, then it can dismantle the government bureaucracy and return it to its rightful size and scope.

States should take back their power.

Elect Christian governors and then when they are in office they and their legislatures should take back the full power of what they are: states (i.e. semi-autonomous realms). Governors should ignore illegal judicial rulings (i.e. overturning marriages laws by judicial fiat) and ignore federal laws that are unconstitutional or otherwise illegal. And they should issue counter-sanctions against states such as Connecticut and Washington.

Obama and the ruling autotheistic theocracy cannot be reasoned with and will not change. Christians and the right need to identify them as unrepentant enemies and work to change things by opposing them, marginalizing them, and cutting them out of as many governmental and societal processes as possible. The policy solutions I have proposed are just a start. Let’s begin with these and implement others as we work to defeat this national security threat.

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Paul Hair
Paul Hair is an author and national security/intelligence expert. He writes fiction and nonfiction under his own name and as a ghostwriter. He provides his national security and intelligence insight as a freelance consultant. Connect with him at http://www.liberateliberty.com/. Contact him at paul@liberateliberty.com if you are interested in his professional services.