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LOUSY CK: Comedian Apologizes to Sarah Palin, Then Fantasizes About “F***ing Her”

Can you imagine the outrage if someone on the right said this about a Democrat woman?

Five years after tweeting the sickest things imaginable about her, comedian and television star Louis C.K. apologized personally to former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. C.K.’s story about the apology, and Palin responding graciously with an invitation to take him fishing, is getting all kinds of media attention. What happened between radio shock jock Howard Stern and the comedian immediately after C.K. told his story, is not.

Things start off with Stern saying, “You want to hate her but you also want to fuck her.” C.K. quickly agrees, and the two head off on a fantasy about having sex with Palin, Fox News’s Megyn Kelly, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

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You can listen to the interview below: