MARCO RUBIO: Just Witch-Slapped Hillary In A Muy Caliente Way

Things are starting to heat up for the Left as more of this happens. Good luck Hillary, you’re really gonna need it.

WASHINGTON — Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, a telegenic rising star with appeal to conservative and establishment Republicans, told donors in a conference call Monday that he will run for president, according to multiple news reports.

Rubio told his supporters he feels “uniquely qualified” to be the standard-bearer who can show the GOP will defend the American Dream, the Associated Press reported. CNN and NBC News cite unnamed sources who have divulged Rubio’s plans.

The senator is set to hold a rally this evening at Miami’s Freedom Tower, billed as the “Ellis Island of the South” for Cuban immigrants.

The 43-year-old senator elected in 2010 is now the third Republican in the race, joining Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. All three were elected with Tea Party support.

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