MARK WAHLBERG: These 3 Things Mark Did Could Get Him In Trouble With Hollyweird

Published on April 24, 2015

Mark Wahlberg has always been outspoken about his support for the troops, but he just did more to anger the libs in Hollyweird. Check it out…

He still works with with the Lone Survivor Foundation to raise thousands of dollars to help wounded vets and their families. He recently raised 1.1 MILLION dollars for a charity that creates and manages close to 200 foundations.

Yesterday, Mark showed us again just how goodhearted and caring he really is. After Mark and his wife had lunch at E. Baldi on Thursday … he was making his way to his ride when he handed a hundred dollar bill to a guy in a wheelchair without missing a beat or making a big deal about it.

TMZ called it ” as smooth and solid a move as we’ve ever seen a celeb make.” They also reported as a bonus that Wahlberg applauded Tom Brady’s choice to decline an invitation to meet Obama at the White House. Brady’s crowd claim that he had a “prior family engagement, but most are skeptical considering his past with politics.

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