NOT ROCKET SCIENCE: How to stop illegal immigration, Part Two

Written by Rob Morse on April 10, 2015

We talked about illegal immigrants coming to the US for jobs and why politicians wanted them to come here for votes. Now let’s talk about the other reasons immigrants jump the fence. They come here to use our welfare system. We’ll talk about the difference between the black letter of our welfare laws.. and what political bureaucrats do in practice.

The motivation is the same as we discussed last time. Politicians learned long ago that giving away other people’s money is an easy way to win elections. It works for the poor. It works in the business community. It works in the immigrant community, and it definitely works for politicians. We corrupted our society with the best of intentions.

We don’t want a sick person to die on the hospital steps for want of a dollar. That makes sense. Unfortunately, we didn’t think about the long term effects of mandatory treatment. We’ve forced hospitals to spend millions of dollars on some immigrants who can never pay their bills.

Politicians forced medical centers to take care of illegal immigrants who come for treatment even when the government has no intention of fully reimbursing the costs. That is one reason so many rural hospitals have closed. It is another reason we pay so much for medical care.

Hunger and Housing-
The law says that illegals are not eligible for social welfare payments, but the politicians and the bureaucrats who work for them have different incentives. They have every incentive to use a don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy. In practice, politicians are spending money from faceless taxpayers to buy particular good will. I see it every day. It is our open secret.

Pregnant women and children-
I live in a border county. We’ve had rich women cross the border to give birth in the United States. The child is automatically a US citizen. You won’t find that rule in law, but it became a judge’s interpretation. It is amazing how many judges find it beneficial to interpret the law ways that helps politicians.

You are the nationality of your parents if you’re born in most other countries. The United States is alone in its interpretation of birth right citizenship. Once your child is a US citizen, then you have a reason to bring mom to the US…and dad…and uncles and aunts and grandparents and cousins. They call it chain migration, and it is peculiar to the US immigration system…all because of a judge’s interpretation. There is no law granting citizenship and welfare to illegals. A judge did that. Executive orders did that.

Honest politicians could solve this problem with legislation ending birthright citizenship. So could an honest president who would issue an executive order. Too bad we don’t have them. Too bad our politicians are for sale.

Elections have consequences…for generations. Any government program that can be corrupted will be corrupted.