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NOT THE WAY IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE IN ‘MURICA: Liberals DO NOT Believe in Freedom For All

by Ron Eccles
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

This past weekend, I spent a lot of time outside working on my landscaping. The long, hard winter  looks to be over. And I would just like to say thank you to all the Global Warming advocates who are still at a loss as to why this planets climate has not lived up to the desert-like conditions promised.

I guess global warming equals record cold temperatures and record snow fall. Well if that is what global warming is, then I will jump on board because I love living in New England and I sure don’t want another Alaska type winter to befall us. Note the sarcasm. But I digress.

While working in my yard this past week end, I got to see some of what makes America great. The freedom of people to be who they want to be. I saw people walking in shorts and tank tops. Mind you, although it is warm, to me it is far from tank top weather.

I saw folks riding their motorcycles, big ones and small ones. Some had flags on the back.Some were the noisy type. Some were the fast type. And some were the big, touring grandparent type. I saw folks taking their convertibles out for a week end joy ride probably for the first time this year. I saw and heard the younger set with all their windows down and music blaring. Yes, we can hear you a half mile away and you are going to kill your ears by playing music that loud. But at least in most communities, those young people have the freedom to play their music in their car as loud as they want.

And there it is. I saw people enjoying their freedom. Nobody telling them they could not walk in a tank top yet. Nobody passing a law preventing motorcycles from being ridden at this time of year. No overreaching ordinances telling young people that in order to be legal others cannot hear your music outside of your car at all.

Now this part of the article is for all of my Liberal friends and haters out there. This is where I point out how hypocritical you are. Lets take gay rights for example. Now this is America. As some would say, ‘Murica. And this is the land of the free. Which, you on the left say, means that gays have the right to live as they please. They have a right to live in peace. They have a right to love whom they please. They have the right to have a life just like a straight person. To which many other Americans would agree.

But then you turn the tables on everyone else. You want laws dictating how others act and react around you. You wish to stifle or take away the freedom and rights of others just to fit your own selfish desires. You say you want to be free, but you want big government to dictate how we all live and interact with each other.

It would be like telling the person on the fast motorcycle that he is not allowed to go 65 mph on the highway while allowing cars to do that speed. In other words, you are not asking for freedom. You are asking for special privileges. Privileges in which the rest of the population is not able to avail themselves of. You are asking to separate the people into classes and groups. Some classes and some groups get more freedom than others.

That kind of thought is straight out of the pages of the novel Animal Farm. In this novel there is a passage that says, “some animals are more equal than others”, which means some animals are not equal at all.

This is the same thought process used to own and keep slaves. Blacks were not thought of as being equal to whites. Now gays want to say that straights are not equal to gays. And thus a straight person has no right to admonish gays in any way. However, when you ask the question of gays should they be forced to make a T-Shirt for a Muslim that says “gays are infidels and must die”, the fast and quick answer is no way.

Well, if you have the right to tell a straight person they must make you a t-shirt that says “being gay is fab” then the Muslim has the right to tell the gay person to make him a t-shirt of his choosing. But in order to get around this, gays would say that what the Muslim wants is hate speech. So you want to create a law that stops hate speech. Even though, in this country, the Muslim is free to say what he pleases just like you and I. But you wish to live your life of freedom by taking the rights of others away simply because you don’t like it.

This is not an issue with Muslims. I need to say it because some of you out there would point out Muslims should not have a right to say what they say. To which I reply with a query. Why? Sure I find a lot of what they say offensive. But does that give me the right to deny his free speech rights simply because I don’t agree or like his speech?
Does this mean that gays should censor straights because they don’t like the fact that some straights don’t agree with homosexuality? Does it mean that we force the motorcycle to go only 55 instead of 65 because they are not wrapped in a steal cage?

Who decides who gets special rights and who gets their rights denied? The point is when you deny someone their rights, you are most likely starting down that slippery road process of denying your own rights. And frankly that makes us all less free. And less freedom has no place in ‘Murica.


Ron Eccles editRod Eccles is an entrepreneur, business owner and host of The Rod Eccles Show. He has lived or visited the nations of Greece, Spain, Italy and Turkey. His father is a 21 year veteran of the United States Air Force and saw active duty in Vietnam and Thailand. Rod is a strong Constitutional Conservative. You can listen to Rod LIVE on Constitutional Patriot Radio, Tuesday’s from 9-11 PM EST, and Fridays from 8-10 PM EST, and at other times throughout the week.For more information on Rod:;