NOW THAT’S LEADING: Baltimore City Police Commissioner Slams Rioter Like A TRUE BOSS

Published on April 30, 2015

Now that’s what you call, ‘leading from the front’. The Baltimore City Police Commissioner got right into it himeself when he took down a rioter.

He has been a regular face at press conferences this week, aiming to calm the violence in Baltimore and reassure residents that police have rioters under control.

But Baltimore City Police Commissioner Anthony Batts has proved he is not just about speeches after he was seen taking down a protestor himself in the stricken city.

Baltimore has been besieged by protestors starting fires, destroying buildings and marching following the funeral of Freddie Gray, who died of spinal injuries after being arrested and put into a police van.

His death has inflamed existing tensions in America over violence by police towards black men, following the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson and Walter Scott, who was shot in the back.

Dozens of people have been arrested this week, baseball games have been cancelled and played in empty stadiums and last night protests spread to New York, Washington and Boston.

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