OBAMA & CASTRO HOLD HANDS: Also, Today BHO To Toss Pixie Dust, Declassifying Cuba As Terror Sponsor

Published on April 11, 2015

Obama likes to get cozy with communists. So cozy that he plans to declassify Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism.

President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro shook hands last night ahead of a historic meeting which may see Cuba declassified as a state sponsor of terrorism.

The two leaders, who clasped hands yesterday at a brief meeting, are both attending the Summit of the Americas in Panama. The gesture of friendships is an outward symbol of Obama’s project to thaw diplomatic relations with Cuba, which have been frozen since the 1960s.

The White House has set expectations for a ‘substantive’ exchange between Castro, brother of revolutionary leader Fidel, and Obama today.

Speculation is high that a result of the exchange could be the official removal of Cuba from the State Department’s list of state terror sponsors. That removal would also lift some economic sanctions on Cuba.

Obama and Castro have met once before – at the 2013 funeral of Nelson Mandela in South Africa – but today could mark their first robust, in-person meeting.

The President’s eventual aim is to restore full diplomatic relations and boost trade and travel between the two countries.

Their rapprochement, first unveiled in a historic policy shift in December, is the central issue at the Summit of the Americas meeting in Panama.

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