OBAMA & HILLARY’S WORK IN LIBYA: Collapse of Libya Behind Migrant Crisis… 900 Killed In Genocide At Sea

Published on April 20, 2015

The Italian Prime Minister is blaming the latest ‘genocide’ by ships sinking that were carrying hundreds of people on post-Gaddafi Libya.

By Paddy Agnew, Irish Times

The absence of a coherent ‘plan B’ for post-Gadafy Libya is one of the main problems behind the Mediterranean migrant crisis, according to Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi.

Speaking to the RTL radio, Mr Renzi said: “The international community didn’t really ask itself what would happen after (the fall of) Gadafy. Libya has been torn apart and now we need a precise strategy…”

Speaking ahead of a summit of EU Foreign and Interior Ministers today in Luxemburg on Monday, Mr Renzi said Italy would be asking its European partners to consider the Libyan crisis “in a more serious manner than in the past”.

“We have got to deal with the Libyan problem at its roots. A joint European operation against the people traffickers is possible but it has to be carefully aimed…Italy has already arrested 976 of them but is it possible that we are the only ones to do so,” he said.

The Italian coastguard ship, the Gregoretti, carrying 27 of the 28 survivors of Saturday night’s tragedy as well as the bodies of 24 victims, pulled into the Maltese port of La Valletta this morning. It is expected that the boat will make its way from there to Catania in Sicily with the survivors.

Even this morning, it remains unclear just how many people died in Saturday night’s tragedy with the figure being placed at somewhere between 700 and 900 people.

Initial accounts from survivors indicate that many of the people on the overcrowded fishing vessel had been shut into the ship’s hold and thus had no chance to escape when the ship overturned.

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