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by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Contributor

I am one month short of 81 and have lived under twelve, (12) Presidents to date, in order; Roosevelt; Truman; Eisenhower; Kennedy; Johnson, Nixon; Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush (41); Clinton; Bush (43) and now Obama, (# 12 performing like # 13). Through my years, I have voted for some of these presidents and against some. I can find fault and have been able to criticize each. I can equally find positive attributes in them all, until Obama.

Although I sometimes expressed disagreement on domestic issues with the then administration on both sides of the aisle, throughout my military service during the Korean “police action” and extending through my working career, I never doubted for the safety of my country. That feeling of safety totally exited my thinking upon the election of Obama and has grown and solidified since. Unfortunately, that feeling has extended to the cabinet and a major part of both the House and Senate on both sides of the aisle.

It is my personal opinion that Obama is a non-citizen, totally unqualified usurper. I have watched his foreign policy destroy the respect and/or trust of virtually every other nation to the point that they only want our dollars and nothing else. I can’t name one country where our friendship and trust has grown. I have watched our military and defense system depleted to pre-WWII levels in most areas, this at Obama’s orders. Military moral is at an all-time low and the country’s financial stability seems to be approaching sure collapse.

I now fear for our country. Because of my age, that fear is not for me but for my children, (all over 45), my grandchildren, and my great-grandchildren, (living and yet to come).

I conclude that they will face the “trash heap” that has been long building but has been completed by Obama. The country will continue but I wonder; will it soon become a Banana Republic or a neo-Marxist State, raped of all its past glory?

As a country, the “change” Obama promised is not just near at hand, it is almost complete. Fellow freedom loving citizens, within your own being, how will you respond?