OH, SNAP: Reporter Asks Harf If She Wants Americans Trapped in Yemen To ‘SWIM’ Home

Published on April 10, 2015

Marie Harf, the Obama administration’s puppet, responds to a reporter asking if the Americans trapped in Yemen should swim to the US – since the administration isn’t doing anything about it.

When State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf claimed that Americans trapped in Yemen were alerted to opportunities to leave the country, an Associated Press reporter asked if those opportunities included swimming to safety.

The painful expression on Harf’s face spoke volumes. Watch the vine video of the exchange.

Last year President Obama hailed Yemen as a success story in the war on terror; today, much of it has been taken over by Islamic terrorists and the U.S. embassy there was hastily evacuated in mid-February. That left the Yemeni-Americans still trapped in that country. Of course, you could say that those still there should have known better — the entire Middle East is going up in flames. Nonetheless, no rescue attempts have even been attempted.

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