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PIERS MORGAN: ‘Obama Will Go Down In History As the President Who Did Less for Blacks Than a White President’

Piers Morgan calls out Obama for not doing enough in light of the recent riots in Baltimore.

By Piers Morgan, Daily Mail

Barack Obama was elected President on a tidal wave of hope, optimism and genuine belief from tens of millions of African-Americans that he would finally get them true justice and equality.

What’s the point being the first black president if you CAN’T do that?

But he’s failed.

Many black Americans feel even more marginalized than they did before he came to power. They feel even less ‘equal’, even more exposed to injustice. Most are just as poor and badly educated as they were before Obama got to the White House.

And who, honestly, can blame them for thinking their President has failed them in light of so many dreadful deaths of unarmed blacks at the hands of a system that is supposed to protect them?

The President needs to do more than just utter yet more platitudes from the Oval Office.

He should be down in Baltimore today, talking directly to the people who feel he has betrayed them.

HIS people, with HIS skin colour, who voted for HIM because they thought HE would change the system.

Less talk, more action, Mr President.

Or you will go down in history as the guy who did less for blacks in America than Lyndon Johnson – a white man.

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