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POLICE FORCE QUITS: After First Black Female Mayor Is Elected

KFVS12 News

Six police officers and several other top officials have resigned after this small town elects their first black female Mayor. You can expect the DOJ to investigate them right away, I’m sure.

Residents of a tiny Missouri city say they have no idea why five of their six police officers and several other top officials resigned after their first black mayor was elected.

Tyrus Byrd, 40, was sworn into office in Parma last week, but her election victory was overshadowed by the departure of the majority of the police force, the city attorney, clerk and water treatment supervisor.

The officials all cited ‘safety concerns’ in their resignation letters, the outgoing mayor says.

There are 713 people living in the community and, according to the US Census Bureau, 57percent are white and 41percent are black.

Mrs Byrd, who was sworn in on Wednesday, told the Daily Mail Online on Sunday that she is still not sure why the city employees quit.

Her father, former city board member Simon Wofford, insists his daughter has a good relationship with the police department.

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