STOP YOUR DONATIONS: Saint Louis University to Erect Statue Commemorating Ferguson Thugs Who Burned the Flag

Published on April 28, 2015

By Angela Turner
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Breaking: Saint Louis University to erect statue commemorating the Ferguson thugs that burned the American flag. Stop your donations now!

I was invited to travel to a confirmation at the Cathedral Basilica in downtown St. Louis. I met a white female sophomore at Saint Louis University and we spoke about how the Ferguson protesters were allowed to riot and camp on the SLU campus where she currently resides. Subjected to racial insults and called a white supremacist, she described 6 days of being terrorized and terrified until her father, who lives 5 hours away, came to take her home. Parent concerns via emails and phone calls were ignored by the President and staff. She returned to finish out the school year but will be transferring closer to home in the fall.

Imagine that a criminal that was just released from the Missouri State Penitentiary is allowed to sing this song to your white daughter. Not only that, but he is allowed to camp for 6 days at her university. And you are paying $37,000 a year in tuition and board:

“Locked in jail I can’t win in this bitch.
So when I get out I’m gonna fuck me a white b*tch.
Slap her and whip her and choke her with my d*ck

fuck em all, fuck em all, kill them like Hitler did”

-Frankie D Edwards

Please watch the video of the racist chant at Saint Louis University:

Frankie D Edwards was one of protesters, among many mugshots, that were allowed to stay on SLU campus singing about raping white girls. You can see his aliases and other arrests on


SLU has an endowment of $1.1 billion and it is time for the donors to speak up with their wallets. Do NOT donate to SLU! These people burned our flag, disrespected our police and our veterans, and sang about raping white girls. All based upon the Michael Brown case which has been dismissed, found to have no merit, and based on lies.

Newly appointed President Fred Pestello, a sociologist from New York (figures huh?), appeased the very people rioting, who were threatening students and throwing urine on police by agreeing to a list 13 of demands. These included a new budget for African American studies, financial aid for African Americans, and the erection of this statue.

With tuition already up 3.5%, where is the money coming from? Quite frankly, we already have numerous funding and programs that are specifically for African Americans, like affirmative action and the United Negro College Fund. Saint Louis University has been infiltrated by the progressive left politically correct agenda at the expense of the safety of its students and its integrity.

Students should not have to live in fear. Bad behavior was not only tolerated but rewarded. SLU is a private university and these domestic terrorists should have been dealt with immediately through their security.

Here is the flag burning video:

Watch when the National guardsmen recover burned American Flag:

Here is a list of the protester demands – which were praised by non-other than Eric Holder. That says it all:


SLU President Fred Pestello was also praised by Eric Holder:

Pictures from the flag burning on SLU campus:


Money talks – do not forget how Duke pulled the Muslim prayer after donors threatened to not give. It is time to make a difference and take a stand. I cannot be more disappointed in this Catholic institution I once respected.

What is next? A Hanoi Jane statue? SLU’s way of dealing with these domestic terrorists reminds me of when Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton apologized to the terrorists that killed our brave men in Benghazi while they were still burning our flag.

I leave you with one more picture of St. Louis where one of my heroes is buried. The irony is this is not too far from where these liberals rioted and they will never respect or appreciate the sacrifice.

Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis:

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