SUNTRUST SUCKS: Gun Loving SunTrust Customers Will Probably Dump Them After Reading This

Published on April 7, 2015

Here is Obama’s backhanded way of getting rid of guns.

Ammoland – While the Obama Regime can’t openly or legally take away Americans’ right to bear arms, through stealth tactics, using its willing accomplices in crony corporatism to put the squeeze on the supply chain to the Second Amendment, gun shops and gun manufacturers, or buying up all the ammo themselves, is their underhanded, “progressive” way to accomplish the same goal.

When American Gun & Pawn of Brooksville, Florida, received the following letter from SunTrust Bank, they were shocked and outraged:

As you can see, the letter from SunTrust Bank informs the gun shop that they will no longer be serving them (it’s a good thing they aren’t a pizzeria in Indiana!), and that they must quickly close all of their accounts, or the bullying bank will close them if the customer doesn’t by the deadline.

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Here is a picture of the letter: