THE BALTIMORE RIOTS: Are A Great Infomercial For U-Haul and the NRA!

Published on April 29, 2015

The real issues in Baltimore are a lot deeper than what the media calls police brutality.

By John Nolte, Breitbart

Going back to their defense of slavery, their founding of the KKK, and their formation of Jim Crow, in order to remain in power, for centuries Democrats have been destroying and oppressing the poor, specifically blacks.  The present-day Democrat policies that create a Detroit and a Baltimore are just a modified tactic in pursuit of the same sinister goal.

Republicans are not perfect, but we are not the ones aborting millions of innocent black children and warehousing in failed public schools run by corrupt unions those who escape the Planned Parent butchers. And we sure as hell didn’t replace the two-parent family with a government check.

Baltimore does not want my help, and therefore Baltimore is not my problem.

Nor is Baltimore America’s problem. Baltimore is a Democrat problem. These riots are nothing more than Democrat infighting, and the videos of these riots are nothing more than infomercials for U-Haul and the NRA.

The good people trapped in Baltimore, the 15% or so with the moral courage to vote against-all-odds for a new direction and new leadership, need to buy firearms to protect themselves in a city run by moral illiterates who excuse the savagery of mobs and call for police to stand idle as chaos reigns. In the meantime, the 15%  also need to start saving the money for the U-Haul that will get them the hell out of Dodge.

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