THE PU$$IFICATION OF OUR ARMY: Judges Order Military To Refer to Bradley Manning As A Chick

Published on April 6, 2015

While we have serious domestic and foreign threats, the Military is paying for a sex reassignment for a traitor and ordering people to refer to Bradley Manning as a ‘she’. Only in Obamaland.

As reported by the UK Telegraph, “Chelsea Manning (I am sorry, former Army PFC Bradley Manning), the U.S. soldier serving a 35-year prison sentence for passing a trove of secret documents to WikiLeaks, started posting on Twitter on Friday, with help from supporters.”

“Within minutes of her first tweets, Ms Manning had recruited more than 5,000 followers under the handle @xychelsea. In her initial tweets, Ms Manning acknowledged she had no Internet access behind bars and that she was dictating comments to a communications company by telephone. Ms Manning already writes occasional commentaries for The Guardian newspaper’s American edition, offering her take on U.S. foreign policy.”

First of all, it is rather disturbing to read this article referring to Manning as “Ms.” but the article explained why. “On Ms Manning’s request, judges have ordered the military to address her in gender-neutral or feminine terms in court documents as she completes her transition to life as a woman.”

And just recently the U.S. Army has approved hormone therapy for Manning’s gender “reassignment.”

Now, let me figure this one out, we have our young men and women — and their families — struggling to make ends meet and the Army is about to expend taxpayer dollars for hormone treatments for a Soldier convicted of espionage?

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