THIS YOUNG CHICK’S A BAD-@SS: 11yr. Old Fights Off Kidnapper After She Gave Him This Epic Warning

Published on April 21, 2015

This little girl wasn’t raised to be a victim, that’s for sure.

WATAUGA (CBSDFW.COM) – In the fight for her life, a little North Texas girl is recovering after a man attacked and tried to kidnap her as she walked home from school. The incident has Watauga investigators searching for the man responsible.

Amber was walking home from school when she says she was attacked. “He kind of like pushed me into the car, the top of the car.”

The shove left Amber with a cut inside her lip and a cracked tooth, but that’s when taekwondo lessons kicked in. “I was kicking and screaming… trying to kick the door open,” she recalled.

Amber’s mom, Sylvia Chandlers, believes the action her daughter took saved her life. “She’s a brave one. He probably thought he got an easy picking. Nope!” But Chandlers also knows the attack could have ended differently. “If her face hit that car any harder, it would have knocked her out and she wouldn’t be standing here.”

Amber’s brother, Michael Chandler, has a message for the attempted kidnapper. “Don’t mess with my family or else you’ll be in a body cast.” But his sister doesn’t think the man will be back anytime soon. “You didn’t get an easy pick, because I got away pretty easy and if he comes again that’s pretty stupid,” she said.

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