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TOM BRADY BLOWS OFF OBAMA: Brady Skips Patriots Visit to White House

Obama joked about the ‘deflate-gate’ controversy – he can probably relate when it comes to scandals. Tom Brady must be glad he missed it.

The Patriots assembled behind him groaned. Coach Bill Belichick, who is notoriously humorless, responded by giving the president a thumbs down.

Obama was flanked by Belichick and billionaire Patriots owner Bob Kraft. Missing from the occasion, though was the Super Bowl MVP and the team’s biggest star – Tom Brady.

A spokesman for the team cited ‘prior family commitments’ as the reason Brady, 37, didn’t attend the ceremony.

Sports commentators, including retired football great Boomer Esiason, speculated that Brady snubbed Obama because he’s from the ‘wrong political party.’

The superstar athlete has been to the White House before. He does have three other Super Bowl rings, afterall.

But all the prior championships were under the Bush Administration. February’s win was the first for the Patriots since Obama took office.

Brady has also met Obama at least once before, as well. He was pictured with the then-US Senator at the 2005 White House Correspondents dinner.

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