TOYA GRAHAM: MOTHER OF THE YEAR! Except to Progressive Know-It-Alls

Published on April 29, 2015

by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Contributor

By now, most Americans have seen the video that has labeled Baltimore mother, Toya Graham, “Mother of the Year”.  To those that haven’t seen the video, key in “Baltimore Mother of the Year” and there you will have a long list of that presentation to review.

You will also be presented with quotes from a vast spectrum of law enforcement, political and social experts, (yes including Dr. Phil) that label Toya as a caring mother that may have saved her 16 year old son’s life or at minimum temporarily redirected his path away from looting and vandalism.  Toya has our vote for the title.

But now she may face a down side.  It is rumored that the Dept. of Child Welfare may target this “Mother of the Year” for her action to remove her son from the rioting in a way they disapprove of.  Well, bureaucrats have run child discipline nationally and they don’t want this child to even feel threatened by a parent.  The mother must coddle this “CHILD” that was throwing objects at the police. 

Yes, the bureaucrats from Baltimore to Washington D.C. have the progressive answer.  That is to coddle the hoodlum “child” and persecute through prosecution the mother that cared enough to herself forcefully remove her “child” from the hoodlum crowd.

Rep Al Cummins was there; it is his district.  His answer like all progressives is to throw more money to the looters.  I can only assume that the progressive solution is for the governments to provide, free of charge and without any work effort, everything the looters desire.  If their dreams are fulfilled with free-bees, they won’t riot, and steal.  Once again the political “know-it-alls” will empower the out of control “child” at the expense of a caring mother.

My solution is to nationally label Toya “Mother of the Year” and support that kind of mother-hood but to do so without some self-anointed bureaucrat having her under a microscope.  She has proven her ability.


Image: Screen Shot: CBS News/