‘WE THE PEOPLE’ ARE THE ANSWER: Returning America to Her Former Greatness

Written by Allan Erickson on April 28, 2015

This great country was once populated by visionaries, hard workers, creative dreamers, producers, frontiersmen, explorers, seekers, enthusiastic artists and builders, homemakers (men and women), people with a sense of morality, personal responsibility, and grit. 

At one time we did not focus on our differences, which are many. Instead we emphasized our common humanity, extending mutual respect.  And voluntarily, guided by cherished principles derived from the Judeo-Christian traditions, the Declaration and the Constitution, we built the greatest, most benevolent, courageous nation on earth, one marked by liberty, and justice, for all. 

We did not square off, point the finger, complain, whine, moan and demand, fighting one another for the last scrawny hen in the house.  We did not create classes of people out of thin air and demand, at the point of a gun, special rights unavailable to others.  We did not judge another by the color of his skin, his origin or his creed, and when we failed to uphold our stated principles, we did something about it, as best we could, procedurally.
We did not rouse old resentments and injuries behind false accusations to leverage creation of government programs, sustaining continuous violence, or threats of violence, creating affirmative action and the welfare state, a system of ransom and discrimination causing more division.
We did not call men superior and women inferior and set them at war with one another. We did not see children as expendable, disposing of them when inconvenient to career, or carnality. We did not actively destroy the traditional family, and with it, society itself.  
We were among the most educated on earth, at one time, interested in all fields of endeavor, the greatest promoters of liberal education worldwide, inventors advancing modernity like never before. Sadly, we are now saddled with ideology, indoctrination and insolence.  Truth is no longer our priority. Rather, the agenda is the primary pursuit, an agenda thoroughly at odds with original, cherished traditions.
We once agreed that hard work, personal integrity, honesty and all the virtues were the mark of a person, but now, enslaved by the trappings of wealth and celebrity and mass media, we celebrate the lowest denominator, the huckster, the snake oil salesman, the pimp and the prostitute.
Our military, built and relied upon only when necessary, remains the greatest on earth, despite all the efforts to destroy it, from without, and from within, a military mustered for defense and for peace-making, not for conquest, unique in the history of the world.  Now, it is used and abused by egomaniacs believing themselves U.N. agents instead of patriots bound by oath to protect sovereignty.   
Our leaders once exalted our values, quoted the Founders, urged us to goodness, challenged us to excellence, called us to patriotism, encouraged us in faith, and sought by example to do better than the last generation.  All that has been turned upside down.  Today, our leaders denigrate our country, insult her citizens, praise our enemies, guilt-trip people into submission, steal from our labors, encroach upon our freedoms, brainwash our children, tax us to the bone, then tax us some more, and demand we be happy about it. 
Leaders on both sides of the political divide twist our institutions into mutations of their original function, creating monstrous, ineffective, wasteful and counterproductive bureaucracy.  They have allowed the executive branch to become dictatorship-light trending dark, they have fashioned an impotent legislature, and they have created a judiciary which behaves like a god, overriding the will of the people time and again, for decades, no longer an agent of justice, but rather a tool of social engineers. These so-called leaders encourage strife and division.  And worse than all this, they wither the soul, demanding people worship selfish ambition, repeating the tragedies of history, forcing people down the long, dark road to misery and chaos.
The leaders will never change course.  They will never set this country back on the right path, for they have sold out to their financial masters. Time and again we elect people who make promises, giving them the responsibility to confront this great tide of sin, lawlessness and demoralization.   And time and again, instead of doing the bidding of the people, they join the destroyers, the dividers and the dictators.  On every front–ObamaCare, amnesty, violations of the Constitution, rank illegality, debt and spending, national security–they talk endlessly, and do nothing.
It is therefore up to The People, as it was in 1776, to right the ship.  It is up to The People to set the balance right, demanding government act by our consent.  It is up to The People to re-establish a true republic, the one described by Lincoln, a republic of, by and for The People, not for the leaders, not for the corporations, not for the special interests or for the whiners, the complainers, the indolent and the self-indulgent.
Either The People restore the Constitution and the rule of law, or this experiment in self-government will come to an end, and if it ends, it will be our fault because we allowed the whiners and the complainers and the destroyers to steal our birthright and annul our God-given rights.   
This is the 11th hour.  The time for a general strike has arrived.  Call it the Second American Revolution.  The time has come for The People to rise up, admittedly against all odds, as in 1776, to breathe new life into our beloved country.  And to do it, we must ask God’s help, another tradition worthy of attention. 
Let’s march on Washington, arriving July 2 to demand government accountability and the resignation of this lawless President.    The time has come to get it done.

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Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.