BEAR ATTACKS MOTHER: Leaves Her Buried Alive In the Forest, Almost Ate Her Before This Happened

Published on May 13, 2015

Please forward this to the anti-hunters who think bears are cute and cuddly.

A Russian woman has been buried alive by a bear which was apparently saving her for its next meal after attacking and seriously injuring her.

Mother-of-two Natalya Pasternak, 55, had a miracle escape after her friend managed to flee the forest near Tynda in the Amur region and raise the alarm.

Having left her with serious injuries, the bear mistakenly believed the postal worker to be dead and partially buried her beneath a pile of leaves – apparently planning to return later and eat her.

But having been rescued alive, the woman is now fighting for her life in nearby Tynda Hospital.

A shocking photograph taken by police shows Mrs Pasternak lying under the pile of foliage where the bear had buried her. Here clawed and bloodied arm is visible in the picture.

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