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#BLACKLIVESMATTER: Not to the Obama’s and Here’s Why!

On Saturday, May 10, 2015, the same day that affirmative-action baby and Ivy League alum Michelle Obama continued her decades-long incessant whine about the racist horrors she has suffered in this “mean” country, two police officers, Benjamin J. Deen and Liquori Tate, were murdered during a routine traffic stop in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Marvin Banks, a 29-year old with seven arrests between 2008 and October, is charged with capital murder. Three others, including Marvin’s brother Curtis, are charged as accessories, and police seek two more persons of interest. (Apparently, despite what the Democrats and Sen. Rand Paul keep telling us, we don’t have too many people locked up in prison.)

Just so I don’t accused of being a race coward, let me mention that all the accused in these murders are black. We’ve heard a lot less about this case than we have about the death of drug addict and career criminal Freddy Gray in Baltimore, and you know why. It doesn’t fit the politically-correct narrative about rogue racist white cops shooting young black men in cold blood. In this case, the young black man shot in cold blood is 25-year old Liquori Tate, the Hattiesburg police officer. Since the accused murderer and all of his accomplices are also black, this case is of no interest to the race grievance industry and their PR flacks in the Lame Stream Media.

Of course, it’s not like our “first African-American President” Barack Obama isn’t showing any concern. I was moved to tears by the heartfelt statement he made in the Rose Garden immediately after he learned of this horrible crime in Mississippi. Oh wait …that never happened. I only wish it had. Is it possible that, despite his constantly lecturing us about the on-going problem of racial discrimination, he doesn’t actually share the sentiment expressed by the Ferguson-inspired hashtag “#BlackLivesMatter”? Maybe it’s just me, but I’m starting to feel a teensy weensy twinge of doubt where he and his repellent wife are concerned on this score. 

It’s not just his non-reaction to Officer Liquori’s murder. It’s the effect of his policies on the very people he and his repellant wife claim to want to help. Just consider the following, and their effect on black Americans:

Barack Obama’s favorite venues for his endless campaign are colleges and universities, where he can dazzle silly, clueless kids with his meaningless drivel and hackneyed Marxist clap trap. He tells them about the importance of a good education, and he laments that every child in America can’t go to a good school.

On Tuesday, May 12, at a panel discussion on poverty at Georgetown University, he said 

and what’s happened in our economy is that those who are doing better and better — more skilled, more educated, luckier, having greater advantages– are withdrawing from sort of the commons — kids start going to private schools ; kids start working out at private clubs instead of the public parks.  An anti-government ideology then disinvests from those common goods and those things that draw us together.  And that, in part, contributes to the fact that there’s less opportunity for our kids, all of our kids.

Private schools? You mean like the ones your daughters attend, Sparky? Are you kidding? Is this a bit? As ridiculous as this statement is in view of this hypocrisy, it gets better. On orders from his teacher union masters, Barack Obama personally killed a scholarship program that would have helped poor children, the vast majority of whom are black, go to private schools in Washington, D.C. But, never forget, like all liberals, he’s all about “the children.”

Economic prospects for black Americans are no better today, after 6 years of Obama in office, than they were in 2009 when he took office. As Deroy Murdoch writes in National Review, “the share of black Americans living in poverty expanded from 25.8 to 27.2 percent.” In the same piece, “Black Americans Are Worse Off Under Obama“, he notes that black labor participation rate, the number of people in the workforce, went from 63.2 to 60.9 percent. Also of note in Mr. Murdoch’s article: “While 29.6 percent of blacks aged 16 to 19 were working when Obama took power, only 27.9 percent were employed last month.”

The “progressive” push for increasing the minimum wage will only make it more difficult for these youngsters to get on the first rung on the economic ladder, particularly when Obama and the Democrats have been working feverishly to import as many low skilled, poor, semi-literal illegal aliens into the country. Thought experiment: will their presence here improve the economic prospects of black Americans or make them even worse? The answer is a no-brainer, which means that if any liberals have wandered over her, even they can figure it out. 

War on Law Enforcement
Barack, Michelle and Eric Holder have made no secret of their distaste for law enforcement. They accept the traditional left-wing view that says that the police are just agents of racist Amerika, “the man” who stops people for “driving while black” at best, and at worst, shoots them in cold blood while they have their hands up, begging for their lives. Newsflash: In those suburbs with the well-manicured lawns and the traditional families, which Barack Obama so despises, the biggest crimes are burglaries and toddlers riding Big Wheels in the street. That’s not where the thin blue line that is law enforcement, that protects the innocent and the law-abiding from savages is most needed. It is in poor neighborhoods, where many of the residents are black, that people most need police protection. Does the federalizing of local police departments, making them subject to dictates from Washington bureaucrats improve community policing? (Yes, it’s a rhetorical question.)

Barack and Mooch continue to stoke the fires of racial strife, doing the full Alinsky, which suggests that community organizers “rub raw the sores of discontent,” not because they have a desire to help the poor and disadvantaged. That’s the furthest thing from their self-absorbed minds. They don’t care a flying fig if this routine hurts the people they claim to want to help because these people are just stepping stones, pawns they use to advance their personal agendas, and not incidentally live like royalty in the process It is the height of cynical, self-serving political calculation, using demagoguery, trickery, and out-right lies to keep blacks angry and voting for Democrats. It’s despicable, but not surprising. 

The Left lies.

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