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BOOM: Pamela Geller Makes An Announcement That’s Sure to Make A Lot of People Mad

Pamela Geller calls out conservatives and then makes this announcement in this interview with Breitbart.

Breitbart News spoke with Pamela Geller, president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative and blogger at, about her recent “Draw Muhammad” free speech art exhibit, which came under attack by Islamic radicals on Sunday in Garland, Texas.

Breitbart News: Even some conservative columnists and a potential presidential candidate (Donald Trump) have resorted to personal attacks against you as a preface before arguing in defense of free speech. Why do you feel that so many have come to attack the messenger?

Pamela Geller: This is the problem with the conservatives. This is why we can never nominate qualified, brave, true conservative candidates. The conservative movement has trimmed to accommodate the leftist media so much that they’ve trimmed themselves out of principle. They attack me because they’re desperately afraid that the leftist media will smear them by association with me. It is an act of sheer cowardice.

Breitbart News: Are you planning another free speech event in the near future?

Pamela Geller: Yes, but we have no concrete plans as of yet.

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