BOOM: Zimmerman’s Bro Drops The Bomb About Recent Shooting

Published on May 13, 2015

George Zimmerman’s brother has revealed something about the latest shooting that resulted from a “road rage” incident which sent George to the hospital. He released a statement to WFTV:

And made this statement on his personal Twitter account:

News reports also reveal that the man who shot at Zimmerman was already a nut case:

The Florida man who shot at George Zimmerman once threatened to kill a trespasser with his .357 Magnum, Mail Online can reveal.

Matthew Apperson, who is under investigation for the apparent road rage shooting, was also the subject of a police call just 24 hours before he fired a single shot into the former neighborhood watch volunteer’s car.

Police were called by his next-door neighbor who told officers he was acting ‘strange’ and she was concerned for her safety. She had found a squirrel apparently shot by a BB gun and thought it was ‘a sign’, the police report showed.

Other neighbors said Apperson had appeared ‘irrational and unstable’ in the days before the incident in Lake Mary, Florida.

One said: ‘He was very odd and in the days before all this happened, not stable. When I saw what happened I was not surprised.

Daily Mail Online has discovered Apperson is no stranger to the police, having been arrested at least six times.
His threat to kill was detailed in a 2013 police report by his local police department.

During a telephone call with a telephone canvasser from the University of Florida, Apperson suddenly said: ‘I have a .357 Magnum and I am going to kill a trespasser.’

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