BOY BEGS MOM TO BUY HOMELESS MAN DINNER: What Happened Next Had The Restaurant Weeping Like Babies

Published on May 19, 2015–i8

This is parenting done right. Good job, Mom and Dad.

A young Alabama boy brought a group of Waffle House diners to tears when he asked his mother to buy dinner for a homeless man he saw outside – and then sang a blessing with him at the table.

Ava Faulk said her son Josiah Duncan, 5, wouldn’t stop asking her questions when he spotted a disheveled man holding a bag with his bike outside the restaurant in Prattville.

When Faulk explained the man was homeless, little Josiah asked ‘What does that mean?’

Faulk told Josiah that it meant he didn’t have a home, to which her son responded, ‘Where is his house? Where is his family? Where does he keep his groceries?’

But Josiah was most concerned that the stranger didn’t have any food, and he begged his mother to buy the man a meal at the restaurant, she told WBTV.

The mother agreed, but when the man sat down at the restaurant and ‘nobody really waited on him’, Josiah decided to take matters into his own hands.

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