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BREAKING: State’s Attorney Says #FreddieGray’s Death ‘Was Homicide’

BREAKING NEWS: Baltimore's medical examiner rules Freddie Gray’s death a homicide, the state's attorney announces 'probable cause' to file charges against police.

Posted by Fox News on Friday, May 1, 2015

The State Attorney’s office has found Freddie Gray’s death to be a homicide.

The death of Freddie Gray has been ruled a homicide caused by severe trauma.

State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced this morning that her office has also found probable cause to pursue criminal charges in connection to the case.

Mosby announced a series of charges now facing the six police officers involved in putting Gray in custody and transporting him in the police wagon on the morning of April 12. The charges vary for each individual, but include several counts of manslaughter, second degree assault, misconduct in office, and false imprisonment among others. The most serious charge she listed was second degree depraved heart murder, which only one officer faces. A warrant has been issued for the police officer’s arrest, Mosby said.

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