‘CO-EXIST’ WITH RADICAL ISLAM? Civilization Going Down the Tubes While America Sleeps

Written by Larry Usoff on May 25, 2015

Pick a day, any day, in the last few weeks and it’s been nothing but bad news in the media.  Of course, you’ll see less of it on the “alphabet” channels, but it’s there, if you really want to find out about it.   The horror that is Islam has its eye fixed on world peace and, according to the Quran the way that is achieved is by the world submitting to Islam…or being killed.   How is it that modern Muslims can follow the teachings of a warlord pedophile from the 7th Century, and think that those tenets apply to the modern world?   Yes, I can hear some among you out there saying that Christians had the Crusades, and you’d be right, but you’re forgetting (or never knew) that the Crusades were not initiated by the Christians but rather they were an answer to the Islamic massacres that were taking place in the muddled Middle East.

Book after book after book has been written about the muddled Middle East, and nothing stands out like the near-impossibility of having any sort of peaceful side-by-side existence there.  It isn’t enough that Israel, the Jewish state, is in the middle of all of this, even those who profess to follow the teachings of Mohammed cannot get along with each other.  Tribal loyalties trump central governments every time, and you just have to watch television or read a newspaper (does anyone do that any more?) to see that it’s true.   Thousands of years of strife cannot, and will not, be settled in a decade, perhaps not in a century and certainly I will never live to see it.

What I AM seeing now, through stealth jihad as well as with the sword, is the little bits and pieces of freedoms being whittled away in so-called civilized nations.  One only has to look at places like Sweden and France, perhaps England, to see what’s coming for us here in the United States.   For each little step forward that Islam takes, the western world takes a step backward…to the 7th Century.   Were the global caliphate to exist right now, the world would be, very quickly, transported back to that time.  By looking the other way, by sanctioning a modest request by a Muslim individual or group, by bending or creating rules for that one cult alone, the rest of us are lining up, figuratively speaking, for the headsman.

Wake up, America!   The barbarians are at the gate…and we have useful idiots that are opening the gate and welcoming them.   ISIS, for all its desire to return to the world of the 7th Century, is using modern methods to accomplish some of its goals.  For example, they use social networking and decoys posing as gay men, to lure other gay men to a meeting and then they execute them.   Sodomy is against the Quran, or so we’re told, but it is practiced in secret with young boys as is bestiality with animals.   How does that square with the teachings?  Easy…because you can “adapt” the teachings for whatever heinous crime you want to commit.   Throwing a gay man off a tall building may only injure him to the point where he would wish to be dead…but the other method, tying them up and shooting them in the back of the head is quicker, and takes less effort for these savages.

From time to time I’ll see a vehicle with a bumper sticker that spells “coexist” in the various religious symbols and I think to myself that this is one of those useful idiots. Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister for the Nazis, stated many times that if you tell a lie, especially a big one, eventually people will begin to believe it.   Useful idiots are a perfect example of this thinking.   An otherwise educated person, as well as an elementary school drop-out, will accept the premise that Islam is a religion of peace, if they hear that lie often enough…especially when it comes out of the mouths of people they respect. 

First, it’s my belief that Islam is a cult, not a religion.  Second, the Quran says, very plainly (if you can find an unadulterated version) that peace can only be upon the earth when all have submitted to Islam, and you already know what Islam means, don’t you?  It means submission. Third, a true believer of Islam can never be anything but what they are, a holier-than-thou person who would never question the reason for slitting anyone’s throat.

So, while you’re watching a sports event, sipping your convoluted latte, or enjoying a film or music, keep in mind all of that goes away under Islam.   It goes away because you’ve been conquered, or you’ve lost your head…literally.   Wake up America!

Never open the gate any further, and deport all those who follow the teachings of Mohammed.

Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired   www.AirHumanityRadio.net

Image: http://jihadprince.deviantart.com/art/Black-Flag-I-338394233

Larry Usoff
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