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COLUMNIST SAYS: One Can’t Be A ‘Gay Conservative’, What Say You?

Here’s a dicey debate topic. Is ‘gay conservative’ an oxymoron? We report. You Decide. Discuss.

By Bryan Fischer, Barb Wire

The political editor of a nominally conservative website,, revealed this week that he is a practicing homosexual.

Guy Benson will write in a book coming out soon that he is gay and a supporter of marriage based on the “infamous crime against nature.”

In truth, the term “gay conservative” is an oxymoron, along the lines of “honest thief.” The first term is flatly and inescapably contradictory to the second.

There is nothing “conservative” about homosexuality or the homosexual agenda.

To be a conservative under any understanding of the term means to conserve, protect and defend the values on which America was built. To put it bluntly, those values do not include celebrating, endorsing and promoting unnatural sexual expression.

If the term “conservative” is to have any meaning at all, it must include certain ideals and exclude others. No one can legitimately call himself a conservative if he does not vigorously and robustly defend the institution of natural marriage as the sole relationship in which sexual expression may legitimately be enjoyed, and as the optimal nurturing environment for children.

Natural marriage is the first institution God created, before he created the institution of the state or the church. It is the sole foundation on which any healthy, stable, and prosperous society can be built.

Every civilization which has abandoned natural marriage and the standard of monogamy within it has wound up on the ash heap of history. No man can call himself a conservative who does not labor to protect this most precious institution.

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