CREEPY: Woman Finds Out Her Company Was Following Her 24/7 With an APP!

Published on May 12, 2015

Technology has come a long way, but it looks like this way is a little too intrusive.

And now in a delightful new installment of a series I just made up right now—Why Isn’t This Illegal?—we have an employer allegedly firing a woman for not wanting to be tracked after-hours on her work phone.

A California woman is suing her former employer for invasion of privacy, labor infractions, and wrongful termination after she was fired, allegedly for uninstalling a GPS-enabled app called Xora that tracked her constantly, even on the weekends and in the middle of the night.

Myrna Arias, a sales rep for wire-transfer company Intermex, was expected to keep her phone on at all times to field calls from clients. Arias says that her boss, John Stubit, admitted that he tracked her off-hours, and “bragged that he knew how fast she was driving at specific moments.”

She didn’t have a problem with getting tracked during work hours, but voiced a complaint that tracking all of her movements made her feel like a prisoner.

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