DEAR MARILYN MOSBY: Here’s Why The Case Against Baltimore Cops In #FREDDIEGRAY’S DEATH Will Be Dismissed

Published on May 6, 2015

Marilyn Mosby should get ready for some serious lawsuits that are headed her way and for the riots that’ll start again when the charges get dropped.

We continue looking through the direct action filing, the probable cause to arrest determination, as outlined in Mosby’s own words – and comparing her words to the factual evidence she is seeking to hide.  What we are finding is jaw dropping.

Mosby claimed:

[…] “Despite stopping for the purpose of checking on Mr. Gray’s condition, at no point did [Officer Goodson] seek nor did he render any medical assistance for Mr. Gray.” (link)

This is a lie!  An intentional lie we will prove below.

As previously outlined the claim of the knife not being legally justifiable for arrest has nowbeen thoroughly deconstructed.  So now we look forward to the claim that the officers attempted to render no appropriate aid to Freddie Gray.

As stunning as the manipulative presentation surrounding the knife was, the claim she made that no medical aid was attempted is brutally flawed, and bordering on criminally liable.

In doing this research we also discover even more evidence of unethical conduct in the relationship between Mosby’s Deputy Attorney, Janice Bledsoe and her domestic partner reporter Jayne Miller of (WBAL-TV).

The truth is the call to EMS by police was made before 9:23AM before the van even left to go to the Western District Police Station.

The police never got a response from EMS dispatch. The EMS dispatcher sent EMS Unit 15 to the 1600 W North Ave location in response to the police request at 9:23AM.

EMS dispatch failed to tell EMS Unit 15 the actual symptoms of the person needing assistance at 1600 W. North Ave. This was simply a mistake by the dispatcher.

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