DON’T TOUCH MY S’MORES: Feds Want You to Replace These Things In Your S’Mores

Published on May 31, 2015

Hands off the s’mores. Is this what Obama meant by fundamental transformation? You can’t get anymore American than S’mores.

I have disturbing news to share with you from your federal government. The USDA wants Americans to remove chocolate and marshmallows and fire from our summertime s’mores. Instead, the USDA is suggesting we load up the graham crackers with strawberries and low-fat yogurt.

That’s not a s’more. That’s a fruit salad with an oversized graham cracker crouton.

Over the past six years the Obama administration has waged a War of Culinary Aggression against lard-loving Americans, banning cupcakes and Ho-Hos, cheeseburgers and Cheetos. Remember back in 2012 when Mrs. Obama served cabbage sloppy?

Last year, the US Forest Service tried to convince us that S’mores would taste better if we replaced the chocolate with banana chunks and the graham crackers with angel food cake. It’s culinary heresy!

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