DOUG GILES V. LIBERAL CHICK: How to Change Minds about Self-Defense

Written by Rob Morse on May 23, 2015

There is a huge gulf between Doug Giles and Liberal Chick. We’ve seen them go at it, and frankly I’m tired of their arguing. Let’s see if we can actually change someone’s mind even a little bit. To do that, we need to do more than exchange sound bites from each extreme. We all have friends like Doug and Liberal Chick. Each one thinks their position is both obvious and correct. We forget how much they disagree.

I’ll fill in the steps between them so we can see how far apart they really are. We can’t change Liberal Chick into a raving gun nut like Doug. We have to take her from where she is today. That is true with Liberal Chick, and true with everyone you meet! She will only change her mind one small step at a time.

Let’s label a few of the steps. Just to keep things interesting, please vote where you fit along this spectrum. We’ll start with Liberal Chick and end with Doug GilesKeep Reading HERE to take poll: How to Change Minds about Self-Defense