FATHER OF THE YEAR: Dad Won’t Bailout Son Who Brought a SHOTGUN to a Protest

Published on May 23, 2015

This dad doesn’t play games when his son wants to act like a punk thug. Good for him.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The father of the teenager charged with inciting a riot in Greensboro says his son will have to sit in jail for now.

17-year-old Tony LaShon Cleveland Jr. is facing additional charges for having weapons, including a sawed-off shotgun.

“I am against the riots in Baltimore. I don’t condone what my son did,” Tony Cleveland Sr. told FOX8 off camera. “I don’t agree with using oppression and racism as a platform to do the wrong thing.”

“My son is my responsibility and I’ll always support him,” he added. “I’ve bailed him out of jail before, but I won’t this time because I love him. And he needs to take his medicine.”

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