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First They Came For The Bikers…

Shocking analysis and questions raised regarding ‘Twin Peaks’ shoot out in Waco.

It was a well known fact by all bikers, citizens and yes, WACO police (which includes FEDS) that the COC [Confederation of CLubs] meeting would be held on Sunday. All of the above groups, 1%’s, MC’s and Biker Orgs attend these meetings. Again the COC is a way to let others know about upcoming legislation, events & rides as well as discuss Patch issues. (Patches are the symbols that each group wears on their leathers, letting others know what group they represent).

There are several “theories” floating around ~ Let’s get rid of the first one, it was NOT a fight over a parking space! Bikers rarely if ever fight over a freaking parking space! They don’t need to, they can fit 2-3 bikes per space!

The second we hear is that it started in the bathroom, that could be the case as per other reports there was an issue that occurred. However, the weekend before the planned COC meeting there was an issue that may have spilled over to the fight that occurred. BUT the fight broke our PRIOR to meeting time.

What we DO know is that the place was already surrounded by FEDS, WACO Police and ATF LONG before any biker showed up! WHY were they there? Literally HUNDREDS of biker meetings between the various 1%, MC’s and Org’s had met there in the past ….ALL peacefully! The PD states it was because of the dispute the previous week. HOWEVER, there was a fight that started inside Twin Peaks and made it’s way outside! Those fighting had KNIVES …NOT GUNS when they took the fight outside.

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