FLASHBACK: Look At How Chris Matthews Reacted to Charlie Hebdo vs Garland, TX

Do you remember when Chris Matthews reacted to the Charlie Hebdo shooting in France? In case you didn’t, here are both his reactions back then and to the shooting in Garland, Texas, revealing the hypocrisy of the mainstream media’s bias.

Here was his reaction to Charlie Hebdo:

“[T]his whole thing being disaffected. Tough luck you’re disaffected. You’re living in France. The country is called France. It’s French. Liberty, equality, fraternity. Get with it. If you don’t like living there, move! This idea that somehow France has to adjust to your thinking about what constitutes blasphemy is outrageous.”

Here was his reaction to the Mohammad Cartoon Contest:

“I wonder whether this group that held this event down there to basically disparage and make fun of the prophet Mohammed doesn’t in some way cause these events.

Well, not the word ‘causing’ — how about provoking, how about taunting, how about daring? How do you see the causality factor here?”

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