FREDDIE GRAY’S SWITCHBLADE: Is Legal In Maryland, But ILLEGAL In Baltimore!

Published on May 2, 2015

The State’s Attorney said the knife was *legal* in Maryland, implying that the original charges against Gray were bogus. But the thing is, apparently the knife was *illegal* in Baltimore city.

Not saying the police officers are not guilty. Maybe they are. But the State’s Attorney seems to be promoting mistruths about this case.

Gray was arrested for possession of a switchblade before falling into a coma because of an injury sustained while in police custody.

His death on April 19 led to charges against six Baltimore police officers, including one charge of second-degree murder.

“The knife was not a switchblade, and it is lawful,” Mosby said Friday, according to The New York Times. The prosecutor said officers “failed to establish probable cause for an arrest.”

Whether officers had cause to initially stop Gray has been a question in the case surrounding his death.

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Here are the charging documents:

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