GARLAND, TX WAKE-UP CALL TO AMERICA: Don’t Be “Lone Wolfed” Into Annihilation!

Written by ++++Allen on May 9, 2015

The recent attempted terrorist attack in Garland Texas this week, took place at a freedom of speech event called Draw the Prophet Mohammad, sponsored by Pamela Geller. The Islamic retaliation is currently being referred to by our media as a “lone wolf” attack. Thankfully both Simpson and Soofi, the two wanna-be mujaheddin who were armed with AK47s, were shot dead as a door nail – and sent yonder for their 72 virgins — outside the events building by the off-duty, pistol-packing cops working a security side job. Meanwhile, inside, approximately 200 anti-Mohammad freedom lovers were in attendance and more than likely many were also armed.

So let the Svengalis of the smoke and mirrors and the Muslim butt-kissing apologists begin their rhetoric. Our local Houston Texas news stations are falling all over themselves getting interviews with every Tom, Dick and Harry (literally) imam in town. Enabling those preachers of peace to regurgitate the same spiel and once again tell us Sheeple how peaceful they really are.

Once again cue the expected and repetitive “We had no clue” mantra of their parents, expressing complete shock and awe and of course, he (their son) was a good boy. In all reality these said parents most likely will be celebrating their son’s martyrdom with triumphant sounds of Allah Akbar (aka Aloha Snackbar.)

garlandWell let’s see, since 9-11, which to some degree has also been pawned off as, it was just a few “radical Muslims”, code phrase for lone wolf or wolf pack, so we can’t really blame Islam for a few bad apples…right? I’m calling b.s. on that theory! Conditioning the American Sheeple to believe that it’s just a few crazies and not the totality of a whole religion that will be the death nail of America…even if it is the death of one, two or 3000 Americans at a time.

And for all the nay-saying liberal whiners who are quick to say, well how would you like someone making fun of your god? Really? Christians have tolerated a crucifix in a jar of piss as being called art. Did we murder anyone? No.

infidelJust a quick short review of history or peeking at our nightly news programs shows how one individual with a murderous mind attempting to fulfill his religions requirement for paradise can eliminate several souls at a time. Mall shootings (So you don’t think a type of the Kenyan Mall massacre can happen here? Think again.), school rampages, planes being flown into buildings, suicide bombers, or pressure cooker bombs and co-worker beheadings. All intending to eliminate Americans by those with one thing in common, Islam. Which has given birth to hatred for the infidel and the great Satan (in case you don’t know, that’s America.) You have a choice: be armed and aware, or be hoodwinked and say “Islam is a religion of peace” all the way to annihilation.

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